Bac Kim Thang Restaurant

Another ideal place for food lovers who want to explore the unique flavors of the three regions of the country is Bac Kim Thang restaurant. Here, you will enjoy a cozy space and enjoy meals rich in Vietnamese culinary identity, prepared by experienced chefs.

Bac Kim Thang is proud to bring diners diverse and attractive culinary experiences, especially with the hydrothermal steaming method. The restaurant is not only famous for special dipping sauces such as chao, sweet and sour fish sauce, soy sauce, shrimp sate, green thai, red thai but also for accompanying dishes such as coconut salad, papaya salad, sour cabbage and fried sweet potatoes creating a nutritious and rich meal. Bac Kim Thang also offers healthy drinks with natural and sweet flavors such as kumquat perilla water, herbal guava leaf tea, and honey citron, helping to enhance the emotions for each meal.

Inside Bac Kim Thang restaurant
Hydrothermal steamed dish of Bac Kim Thang restaurant

Source: Bac Kim Thang

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